Ballot Measures

How to Vote on the 2018 Ballot Measures

Prop. 125: Changes to public employees retirement system. Vote YES.

Proposition 125 is a ballot measure directly from the Arizona legislature, supported by all Democratic state legislators, to provide greater latitude for keeping specific public retirement pensions solvent.

Prop. 126: Ban future taxes on services. Vote NO.

This measure would prohibit the Arizona Legislature from ever adopting a sales tax on services. This measure is overkill given that it already takes a two thirds majority to adopt new taxes and there are no current proposals to have a sales tax on services.

Prop. 127: Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona. Vote YES.

This measure would require electric utilities to provide at least 50% of their annual retail sales of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030. Renewable energy is the future, and Arizona should be a leader.

Prop. 305: Private School Voucher Expansion. Vote NO.

This measure would expand the voucher program that takes money away from public schools to fund vouchers that subsidize sending kids to private schools.

Prop. 306: Modify Citizens Clean Elections Commission. Vote NO.

This measure would undermine the independence of the citizen-created Clean Elections Commission and bar candidates funded by the commission from purchasing goods and services from their own parties.

Prop. 407: Tucson Parks + Connections Bond. Vote YES.

This measure would fund numerous improvements to Tucson parks and paths without raising tax rates because new bonds would only be issued as old bonds are retired.

Prop. 408: Even Year Elections for City of Tucson. Vote NO.

This measure, put on the ballot by the Republican dominated Arizona Legislature, would force the City of Tucson to hold its municipal elections on even years.

Prop. 463: Fix Pima County Roads Bond. Vote YES.

This measure would authorize the sale of bonds to fund much needed repairs to Pima County roads. This measure would not raise tax rates because bonds will only be sold as existing bonds are retired.