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Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs

Saturday, December 11, 2021
10:00am to 11:00am
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Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs will be the speaker at Tanque Verde Democrats December meeting. Join us for this opportunity to hear from Katie and to ask questions regarding her experience while serving as the chief election official in Arizona.

If you have questions for Secretary Hobbs you may either put them in Chat during the presentation or send them to Pat Wiedhopf by 9:00am the day of the meeting at

We also will be conducting our General Membership meeting and sharing information about our 2022 plans for the Tanque Verde Democrats.

Meet Katie Hobbs

Born and raised in the Grand Canyon State, Katie Hobbs learned the value of service at an early age from her parents. Katie has dedicated her life to listening to her community and helping solve difficult challenges for the people of Arizona. From her experience as a social worker to an advocate for women in crisis, from her work on behalf of Arizona families while in the State Senate, to managing the most secure election in Arizona history, Katie has worked hard to listen, learn and deliver for those who need it the most.

After watching our elected leaders fail those in need, Katie took action. In 2010, she was elected to the House of Representatives. In 2012, she arrived in the State Senate. And in 2014, she became the Senate Minority Leader. Katie fought for people all across the state, expanding Medicaid and providing healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans. She worked to secure the rights of victims of sexual and domestic violence. And she worked diligently and with integrity to provide new opportunities in education and job training, and to protect the voting rights of all the people of Arizona. Katie Hobbs was elected Secretary of State in 2018.

The Tanque Verde Valley Democratic Club presents speakers of interest to Democratic voters on the second Saturday of every month.

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