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Updates from County Attorney Laura Conover & Sheriff Chris Nanos

Saturday, April 10, 2021
10:00am to 11:00am
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For our April program we will hear from Pima County Attorney Laura Conover and Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos.

Laura Conover will discuss changes and improvements to the County Attorney’s office. Ms. Conover was raised in Tucson, attended the University of Arizona, and has dedicated her career to helping the Southern Arizona community by defending the poor, advocating for victims, and fighting for justice in local and federal courts. She decided to run for the position of Pima County Attorney to bring much-needed reform to Southern Arizona’s criminal justice system by re-framing the current priorities away from jailing the poor, addicted, and mentally ill, to focusing instead on violent and financial crimes. She is committed to helping non-violent drug offenders get treatment instead of prison. That formula will ensure the safety of County residents and reduce costs for Pima County taxpayers while improving outcomes for those caught up in the criminal justice system.

Chris Nanos was the 33rd Sheriff of Pima County from 2015-16, and now leads the department again. He will discuss the reforms that he has put in place and about his first few months back at the helm of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Nanos plans to equip all deputies with body cameras. Also, part of his reforms includes staying in communication with community leaders.

Other reforms will include alternative ways to handle people with drug addiction or mental illness and non-violent offenders.

Sheriff Nanos said he’ll put an emphasis on community connection to better serve Pima County.

“Being involved with our non-profits, being involved with our churches and our schools and the community because that’s where you can have some great efforts in crime prevention and bettering our community.”

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